Frequently Asked Aura Questions

What is an aura photo? An aura photo shows your energy visually.  It utilizes an AuraCam6000 in order to see which chakras are active. Rose Aura proudly offers the option to have your photo taken with FujiFilm FP-100C, a discontinued and rare film, or Instax Wide.

What can be read from someone’s aura? Your aura is your biochemical energy field that is around you at all times. It is constantly changing depending on your chakras, so the photo gives you a snapshot into what your energy looks like. We all know how we feel, but this photo allows you to visualize it. The photo isn’t telling you anything you don’t already know, but being able to attach colour to feeling allows you to understand your own energy in a different way.

How much does a session cost? It costs $50 plus tax per Instax Wide photo and reading. It costs $100 per photo and reading per FujiFilm FP-100C photo. The price discrepancy between photos is due to the rarity of the FP film.

Why is the film so important? The film that was intended to use with this camera is not in production anymore.  This means that the original technology of Aura Photography is going extinct. We are lucky enough to have a limited supply of FujiFilm FP-100C available, meaning that limited appointments per month can be booked for this incredibly special experience. It is also important to understand the difference between film, which requires a positive and a negative image, and instant film that develops instantly without requiring a negative image. The FujiFilm FP-100C film allows for richer colour, and more information, versus an instant counterpart such as Instax, which can look like water colour or tie-dye. Both options will still allow for your aura to be read and produce a lovely photo, however the rarity and quality of the FujiFilm means that it will be offered less frequently at a higher price. The two films also require separate cameras, with the FP camera having been made by Guy Coggins personally.

Is this Kirlian Photography? Rose Aura uses a type of Kirlian Photography called Aura Imaging. It was developed in the 1970s by Guy Coggins. 

How often should I do a reading? The frequency at which you come for readings is up to you! It depends on how you're feeling, but we generally say come back when there has been a shift in your energy that you want to see!

Where are you located? Our studio is located at Givenn Roomm at College St and Montrose Ave in Toronto.

Can this be done remotely? No, because your hands need to be on sensors, you need to be physically in the same location as the camera to take the photo.

How can I book an appointment? New dates are released the last Monday of each month at 11AM! Head to the page of either film at this time to book a spot!

Is this safe to do while pregnant? Yes! The hand sensors measure your biofeedback, but nothing else is happening to the sitter.

Can two people be in one photo? Yes! Up to two people can be in a photo! It is the same price as a single photo.

Can I bring my pets to the appointment? Yes! Pets are always welcome, and you can even get a photo with your pet!

Can I buy Gift Certificates? Yes! Rose Aura Gift Cards can be purchased through the website. Please note that if you have a Gift Certificate from Thoughtfull, that it is redeemable only for an Instax photo and reading, and not for FP-100C. 

Do you do events? Yes! Please send an email through the contact form to inquire about event pricing!

Frequently Asked Crystal Questions

Where do you source your crystals from? Rose Aura ethically sources crystals from a number of reputable Canadian dealers, but the crystals themselves are from all over the world!

How long does shipping take? Please allow 3-5 days for processing. Orders are shipped with Canada Post, and as such are subject to their shipping estimates. 

Do you offer local pickup and delivery? Yes, local pickup and delivery in Toronto is available!

I'm looking for something specific, can you find it for me? If you are looking for a specific crystal, Rose Aura wants to help! Evelyn sources and hand selects the highest quality crystals, and will take custom crystal orders. Send Evelyn an email at to get started with your custom order!