Evelyn is proud to show people a visual of their energy, and allow them to broaden their perspective from the physical to the metaphysical.

Rose Aura was founded in September 2017 by Evelyn Salvarinas. Originally from Toronto, Evelyn moved to New York City to complete a Masters Degree in Fine Art History from Sotheby’s Institute. During this time, she discovered the power of aura photography at Magic Jewelry and was hooked. 

After moving home, Evelyn searched for someone who offered film aura photography, but no one had the right camera. Craving the healing and reflective power of readings, she set out to fill the void for herself and others. Evelyn proudly uses the film version of the AuraCam6000 to offer portraits and readings, for all those who seek mystical guidance. 

Evelyn also holds a Crystal Master Certification, and uses a deep knowledge of the chakras to provide a unique, informative and comfortable experience. Ultimately, Evelyn aims to help people to gain a deeper understanding of their energy and themselves.